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Become Socially Mindful
What is Social Mindfulness? 
Social Mindfulness is an understanding that we may
not always agree with each other's morals and convictions,
but we can set aside our differences in order to work
Randiesia Fletcher and Herman Harris Jr., serve as
Social Mindfulness Coaches. They take deep dives into
the importance of Emotional Intelligence in Social
Mindfulness and creating strategies to be successful while working with others.
Service areas include:
Active Listening & Nonviolent Communication
Cultural Norms in the Workplace
Unconscious Bias and Assumptions
Building a Culture of Community
Team Building
Mindfulness Activities
Art Therapy
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Herman Harris Jr. is a Chester, Pennsylvania native with an educational background in Information Technology. He is an audio and video creator, and he also runs a men’s circle where the focus is on self-empowerment. He is an avid historian, basketball player, and a cancer survivor. He is an avid Historian and Basketball Player. 

Randiesia Fletcher, MEd. is a Los Angeles native with an educational background in Creative Writing, Anthropology, and Education. She has published books and Op-Eds on Social, Cultural, and Diverse Relationships. Randiesia is an Expressionist Artist and maintains a mobile museum and popup library. She challenges the perceptions of Pan-African faces; particularly a non-smiling face.

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