Our Story

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Harris-Fletcher Enterprises is a Social-Enterprise with the intent of helping those experiencing housing, food, and financial insecurities become socially responsible by providing Affordable Housing and Life and Social Mindfulness Training through Art and other mediums.  

Led by Herman B. Harris, Jr. and Randiesia Fletcher M.Ed., they started this business endeavor in 2018, as a call to help those who experience material and mental poverty due to a lack of attainable resources.


Both Herman and Randiesia are Disabled Veterans and come from backgrounds of poverty, domestic violence, and abuse. Armed with the blessings of Our Creator and a plethora of training and experiences, the pair walk with the mindsets of being, "All Things to All People and Loving their Neighbors as Themselves." 

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Herman Harris Jr. is a Chester, Pennsylvania native with an educational background in Information Technology. He is an audio and video creator, and he also runs a men’s circle where the focus is on self-empowerment. He is an avid historian, basketball player, and a cancer survivor. He is an avid Historian and Basketball Player. 

Randiesia Fletcher, MEd. is a Los Angeles native with an educational background in Creative Writing, Anthropology, and Education. She has published books and Op-Eds on Social, Cultural, and Diverse Relationships. Randiesia is an Expressionist Artist and maintains a mobile museum and popup library. She challenges the perceptions of Pan-African faces; particularly a non-smiling face.