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My name is Randiesia Fletcher, M.Ed.

I have been painting for 35 years. I am a Master Teaching Artist who works in Expressionism Art.

Please send me a Note for inquiries about artwork and prices. See Events for upcoming events.

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Living2Portraits challenges the perceptions of Pan-African faces; particularly a non-smiling face. The goal is to redefine these faces that have been subjected to stereotypical thugs, criminals, harlots, Jezebels, and exotic sapphires. The collection eases the fears of normal facial expressions—the expressions of culture, family, community, and nationality; a message in line with the ideals of Contemporary Art in the 21st Century.


The artistic works are influenced by the literary works of W. E.B. Dubois, Claude McKay, Zora Neale Hurston and more. Dubois speaks about the Double Consciousness—how people are forced to view themselves and the world through a lens of racism. It is the dichotomy of how a person views themselves, versus how the world views that person.

The Harlem Renaissance Era dignified the African-American, countering the negative images that dominated news outlets. This Renaissance is an exploration--a political force to ratify change. Let’s ignite our protests through the Arts; Let’s celebrate the hope and richness of the African Diaspora.  


Please contact us to request information regarding Art Sales, School Visits, Facility Visits, Art Exhibitions, and Storytelling Events. 

See the Events Page for upcoming events.

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