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The Urban Forest Project is a Social Enterprise with a focus on equity planning--building a culture of Sustainability that encompasses a Sustainable and Socially-Just planet. 

The goal of this project is to provide sustainable low-income housing, reduce energy consumption by 25 - 50% , and provide green spaces replete with edible shrubs and trees that help mitigate the Tucson Heat Island Effect. We have done this by creating an urban Food Forest.

The Urban Forest Project by HFE is a Green Leader in Southern Arizona, a member of Local First Arizona and a participant in the SCALE- UP (Sustainable Communities Accessing Lending and Expertise Upon Performance) Program. 

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Both Herman and Randiesia are Disabled Veterans from poverty, domestic violence,

and abuse backgrounds.  They started this social enterprise in 2018, as a call to help those who experience material and mental poverty due to a lack of attainable resources. Armed with the blessings of Our Creator and a plethora of training and experiences, the pair walk with the mindsets of being, "All Things to All People and Loving their Neighbors as Themselves." 


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